365 questions for a better you #7

A new thing to answer today. I hope that throughout next week I will feel better, so I can do some more normal updates. This week… I am having quite a bad week, I have had a headache like every day, and I have been feeling nauseous for this week. I hope that it will soon get better, and that I soon will feel like doing something else instead of… doing nothing and watching tv shows. I can say this much: The tv show I have for this week… I love it!

However, today I will answer:

What are your goals for this week?

Well, we are around halfway through this week. But this week I don’t have a lot of goals, I hope that I will be able to blog some more, I hope to outline more of the story to my book, since I have a few months until NaNoWriMo starts in November. I actually can’t wait to start, and I am so looking forward to plan a schedule so I will be able to write down the 50 000 words I am supposed to do that month. I don’t have a lot of big goals, I think that if I where like a big Influencer, then I definitely would have some more goals, but since I’m not, + having a bad week, I don’t have the biggest plans.

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