365 questions for a better you #11

It is yet another day. It is already over 4 PM here, so it is already late. Soon dinnertime, and soon a new week. But, I still have a question to answer.

What is the vacation of your dreams?

This question is so difficult to answer. I have so many dream vacations. I always find new places that is so pretty, and I want to visit. Places that would look so good. I love to explore, and find places that would look perfect. Also, a lot of places that would be so good for Instagram and blog. I want to be able to vlog my experiences wherever I go. But traveling costs money.

Top 10 places I want to go is:

  1. USA – The whole USA, I would go the route where you start in New York, and travel through all the states, and ends up in New York again. Because when you take plane from Norway, you will end up in New York.
  2. Australia – I have never been there. And I so want to experience this place. A lot of things, go to Australia Zoo in Queensland. Walk around Sydney. I mean a lot.
  3. Azores – I was there when I was 9, and I loved it there! It is so pretty, and I would love to go there once again. The trip is very expensive, but if I had the money for it I wouldn’t second guess myself.
  4. United Kingdom – I have to say it that way, because I want to visit the whole thing. United Kingdom, but also Ireland. I want to visit all kinds of places there.
  5. France – It looks pretty there. If I where to go it would be when I have a boyfriend, I mean, the city of love. Who doesn’t want to got there with their loved ones.
  6. Iceland – The nature, things to experience there. Things that you would never see here in Norway. I would love to go there.
  7. Italy – There is so much to look at. See the historical buildings, and see where you end up.
  8. Tokyo – It looks so cool to be there. New culture, and a big city. It would be cool to see something new.
  9. Santorini – The buildings. Everything. It looks really beautiful.
  10. Bora Bora – Living in one of those huts in the ocean. It would just be amazing!

This list changes all the time. I find so many beautiful places that I would love to go. And if I ever get the chance, I will. I will take a friend with me and just go, traveling all the places I would love to go.

I would vlog my experience, and share the things I would be doing. Give you updates on where I definitely would go back, and what to do when you are there.

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