Why I blog so much

I blog a lot, I have to say. If you guys are on my blog once a day you might have 1-3 blog posts every day. The reason why I blog so much is just the fact that I love to do it. On Norwegian blogs there are people who blog just when they feel like it, but there are also a lot of bloggers who blog a lot, they are from 1 to 4 posts every day. And I have it from there.

I love to find out things to write about. I try to find out something new to write every day. I try to take photos and write about it. Now that I am sick I might not get out as much as I used to. But the thing then is that I can write about my experience. No CFS/ME patient is the same. And sharing experiences can help people. I will later on talk about everything. I am going to the doctors tomorrow, and I will make him apply me in to a specialist.

In Norway we usually have these kinds of treatments for free. But there are definitely not a lot of the places that have specialist. I have tried almost every single place I can think of where I can get i for free. But it is all up to what the doctors write. And the way I have understood it, he writes that it is all in my head, the only thing I need is some motivation to get back to work. He doesn’t think I have CFS/ME. So I haven’t gotten into a place where I can get an answer for free. I am going to ask to go to a specialist where I have to pay, but I rather do that, than just sit here and wait until the finds out that I need to get back to work. But enough of that. I will write the whole thing when I get back from the Doctors tomorrow, and I will have some more answers.

To get back on track on what I was talking about. The reason I get this many blog posts out is because of a few things:

1 – I have a lot of time to do things like that. I don’t have work for the moment, and that makes it easier.

2 – I love blogging. And I make it a priority to write at least one post every day. Even though I for the moment do 365 questions for a better you, I usually wants to post more than that, because I like it, and don’t want my blog to be boring, and only have the same thing over and over again.

3 – I like sharing. Talking about my day, write about my experience, and share things that are relevant for my life. Pictures, thoughts, processes I am doing. All kind of things actually.

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