5 things you may not know about me

Movies – I struggle to find movies I love. I feel like I am also more of a Tv Show person than a movie person. I like to connect with the characters, and I feel like I do that move in a TV Show than a movie. When I connect with a movie I love, I will watch it a lot of times, but if I don’t it is a big chance that I will pick up a book and have it as a background noise.

Books – I love characters. And there is a much bigger chance that I will give a thick book 5 stars, than a very thin one. I mean there are some exceptions, but I usually like thick books more, at least a book over 300 pages.

Wasps – I am terrified of wasps. I don’t know what it is, but I will run for my life when I see one.

Food – So I don’t think I can say I am choosy when it comes to food. Because I like to try things. But I just can’t seem to start to like salad. I have no idea what it is.

Crime – I love crime shows and movies, and it doesn’t bother me if I eat something at the same time. My friend watched Bones, and she could not eat anything while watching it. And here I come, and eat anything. Dinner, candy, everything.

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