The weeks that passed #5

So, I was actually supposed to write this hours ago… but I didn’t. And now I am distracted by music… so, not a good combination to try and do two things at the same time.

Last weeks highlight:

I mean, my friends wedding. I haven’t spoken a lot about it, but it was truly amazing. They where so cute together. Just being there was enough. Seeing one of the persons I am close to get married.

Last weeks downturn:

On Sunday, after being up to over 12, I was dead. I am not used to be up that late.

Last weeks movie:

I didn’t have time to watch a movie last week. But I am punished for that this week. I need to watch 2 movies this week.

Last weeks tv show:

I watched a few episodes of Convenience Store Boyfriends. It was find, I can’t say much because I didn’t watch much.

Last weeks song:

There is a song from Kaizers Orchestra. It is a Norwegian song… it is very tragic, but very funny.

Last weeks food:

I have eaten both Thai food and Chinese food.

Last weeks book:

I haven’t finished anything at all. I have read a little bit of a book called Sleeping Giants.

Last weeks celebrity:

Well, the same. I haven’t watched anything so.

Last weeks couple:

Is it now I should say my friend and her husband?

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