Movie vs Tv Shows

Now I have been doing this thing for weeks, I think it is maybe a few months. I watch one movie each week and choose one tv show for each week. I am starting to love movies again, I have to say. Right now I have just been watching so many anime shows, and I am just lacking in the tv show watching. The perfect choice would be if I got one anime show one week and the next week I would watch something else. I am really missing some crime shows or something in my life. I have been thinking about that these last weeks when I only have gotten anime shows, that I miss watching something different. Something that just gets me sucked into the show, like Criminal Minds, Frontier, Bones, CSI, Pretty Little Liars, Heartland, Skam, Baywatch… just something.

However, I have decided to keep myself to the show I get assigned that week. Sometimes it is really difficult. And I have to say… I have seen one episode of the show I was supposed to see. It is not that I don’t like it… I just think I am burned out of anime shows. Let’s hope for something else next week, or else I’m gonna cry!

Right now I feel like a movie is easier to watch. Just because I can just set of like 1 hour and 30 minutes till 2 hours and be done with it.

I actually have changed my mind about movies, before I liked tv shows because I loved being able to spend a lot of time with the same characters, and I still do. But I just think I am in a movie mood for the moment.

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