365 questions for a better you #38

I had so much fun yesterday. I really need to write a list of all the posts I need to do! There is starting to become som many I should write. Right now I am writing down a list, and whenever I am done with the things I need to write I will cross them off. And whenever I need to do another post I will write it down. I just need to have time to sit down an write them down.

Let’s answer something new today…

Something funny that happened to you recently

So, this is actually something that happened to me yesterday. That is the only thing I can remember. I where at a party yesterday, and the ones I where to have three dogs. 2 dachshund and one mixed breed that is large. The large dog loves to be petted, and I didn’t give him any attention, so he knocked me off my feet with his ass, before he sat down on my toes so I could pet him. He is the funnies, and it was just so funny, and he does so much weird stuff.

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