5 facts about me

Diets: I don’t go on any diets. I love food to much to try out any diets. I try to eat healthy and normal potions. I don’t limit things I eat, however… I try to like not eat too much meat, and too much dairy. But I don’t feel like limiting myself, and some of the things we get from those things can be good for you.

Licorice: I have a hate-love relationship with licorice. I usually don’t like the sweet licorice, this also makes my stomach bad. But I love salty licorice, it is so good! I can eat everything by myself when I buy that!

Norwegian/English: My biggest problem, is that I write books in English, I blog in English, I have two YouTube channels in English, and I watch mainly English tv shows and movies. So when it comes to the time where I need to speak Norwegian, I forget some of the words in Norwegian, so that is a struggle.

Didn’t read: When I was younger I hated to read. I didn’t read anything, even though I was a very fast reader to the amount of time I spent reading. I even forged my mothers handwriting every day on the slip she had to sign that I had been reading for 30 minutes every day. That was how little I liked to read. But then The Hunger Games movies came out, and my sister bought the books, and I read them. When I started the last book I was sick that day, and I spent that entire day reading. That was the changing point for me.

Always in the blog world: When I am different places, I am always thinking that i can write about my blog about this. It helps a lot that I am vlogging things. That makes things much easier to get a photo from, then I can only take a screen shot from it.

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