I have to high hopes for the next year

So, I have started to plan out my new year, and I have to say… it is starting to get a lot. For my books, I am hoping to read 100, which is 8,3 books every single month. I am thinking that it’s not a problem, but only time will tell. I hope I can do it! With Bookopoly I think it will be much easier to choose from a wide range of books, and be able to choose different sizes.
On the movie and tv show side of things, I am also hoping to watch 100 movies, which is a lot. And I know it is, but I hope to do it. That means that every single month I am doing my Bullet Journaling I will pick out 8-9 books from my box, and watch them that month. That will be much better than to pick out one movie each week. Because then I can choose when I want to watch them.
For TV Show, I have 15 series, that have from 4 to 15 seasons. Will I be able to do it? Probably not. But I am way to confident.

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