The Week That Passed #7

I have been so terrible! Like 100%! I haven’t updated yet again. I have been thinking about it, but I haven’t. Yesterday and today there won’t be a questions for a better you, only because I didn’t do it yesterday, but also, I am in my bedroom and the book I have written all the questions down in are in the living room and I have no intention of getting up from my bed to go and pick it up. So I am hoping to get better at doing them again. I feel like people are getting to know me, but I am also getting to know myself a lot better.

But, over to last week… it was a lot of fun and now I’m very tired!

Last week highlight:

Oslo, without a doubt! We didn’t get to do a lot because it rained the whole time we where there. However, just meeting my uncle and aunt again, it was just amazing!

Last weeks downturn:

I don’t know. I kind of can’t complain about the drive there. Even if it was like 8-9 hours long I spend a lot of time just sleeping, and time goes so much faster then!

Last weeks movie:

I didn’t watch any… I didn’t have time.

Last weeks tv show:

I watched one episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I just couldn’t get into it. But I try another time, when I am feeling like it again.

Last weeks song:

Hmmm… Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi.

Last weeks food:

I have eaten so much good food! When I weighed myself today I have gone up 3 kilos, that is a lot for me!

Last weeks book:

This isn’t even funny! I should have finished The Goblet of Fire, however… I haven’t! It is a little bit of a mess. I hope I am alone a day so I will be able to sit down and read it.

Last weeks celebrity:

Can’t say I have any…

Last weeks couple:

I haven’t watched any couples this week on tv…

So here it is, a few days late. I hope to get better, I just need to find my routine with everything!

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