The weeks that passed #10

Wow, another week has passed, and I haven’t done a lot of useful things.

Last weeks highlight:

We had guests on Sunday, that is basically the only thing I have been able to do this week.

Last weeks downturn:

Well, as I just said… I have been extremely tired.

Last weeks movie:

Hmmm… I didn’t watch any movies, so I have 3 I need to watch this week.

Last weeks tv show:

I was supposed to watch Veronica Mars, however, Criminal Minds where back on Norwegian Viaplay, and I just couldn’t stop myself from watching a few episodes of that.

Bilderesultat for criminal minds

Last weeks song:

Hmm… even if I got a few songs off my Discover Weekly List weren’t they so good that I have been playing them over and over again.

Last weeks food:

We ate leg of lamb, and it is so delicious!

Last weeks book:

I didn’t finish any books, which is bad! I should have finished something! However, I actually started the Order of the Phoenix, and I have read 90 pages, and I love it already!

Last weeks celebrity:

Well, I watched Criminal Minds, so who do you think? I will say, of course it is Shemar Moore.

Last weeks couple:

I haven’t watched any like good couples last week.

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