Discover Weekly Songs #1

So, I gave it a though last week when I started listening to my discover weekly list, that it would be fun to write my thoughts on them as they are playing. It is inspired from what I do, listening to music and writing my thoughts, however, this are songs I don’t have on my playlist, these songs are the ones Spotify thinks I will like. So let’s see if Spotify is right, or if they are completely wrong.

So, let’s just get started, and see what we got here.

Rewrite the Stars by James Arthur and Anne-Marie

I loved this song in The Greatest Showman, and I have to say, this cover is definitely not a let down. Of course, I like the original, because I love Zendaya, however, this is not a bad cover.
Playlist added to: Cover

Hands by Mike Perry, The Vamps and Sabrina Carpenter

I don’t know to be completely honest. I don’t get the feeling that I love it. It is something I could listen to, however, I think that if I where to add this to my playlist, this would be a song that I skip on it. It’s not bad, but it is just something that I don’t listen to a lot.
Playlist added to: None

Sorry That I Loved You by Anthony Neely

This is something I could listen to. I don’t know what it is, but I have a habit of liking like, a little sad love songs. I have no idea why. I think it is like the vibe, and things like that. Because I am not feeling to well, and then I like a little calmer music.
Playlist added to: Main Playlist – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Schatten ohne Licht by Madeline Juno

Why do I always get like German music? I know that I have Tokyo Hotel on my list… somewhere, because I had my Tokyo Hotel days, however, I don’t liten to them anymore. I listen to a little Spanish Music, however, I haven’t made up my mind about German music, I have no idea what they are saying.
Playlist added to: None

Send it by Austin Mahone, Rich Home Quan

Well, this reminds me of another song. It is not the same with text and things, however, like the music in it reminds me of another song. I don’t remember the song, but it reminds me so of it! I have to say, Austin Mahone is not one of my favorite artists.
Playlist added to: None

Don’t let me down by Conor Maynard

I don’t know. I love his covers. But this is not my favorite song. I have to say. I barely listens to it anyways.
Playlist added to: None

Don’t say you love me by Fifth Harmony

I’m not the biggest fan on Fifth Harmony, to be 100% honest. I feel like this is a song that I would just skip. I know myself, and I know that I would skip it, because I don’t find it interesting, and I don’t feel like I would sing along , which is one big thing since I mostly listen to music when I drive.
Playlist added to: None

Supermarked Flowers by Chris Viola

So, let’s see. This is closer to what I like.I think this will go into my playlist. But this is not something I would always listen to, but it goes into a playlist.
Playlist added to: Liked Songs

Unconditionally by The George Twins

This is such a good original song. And I definitely enjoy this one as well! It really takes me back to earlier days! I remember my sister listening to this. And there are some of the songs she likes that I likes as well.
Playlist added to: Cover

FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie

I have never been a fan of this song. It went on and on and on whatever Radio Channel we had on at work. And I have not missed this song one bit since leaving!
Playlist added to: None

Make you believe in love by Marcus and Martinus

Wow, it is some time since I have heard Marcus and Martinus! I have no idea why I think some of their song is so catchy! They might not be like my favorite duo, however, their song are catchy, and I will dance to this in the car. But this can also be a song I can get annoyed with, because it is kind of songs like this I get stuck in my head and goes around singing all the time.
Playlist added to: Main – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Helium by Sia

Oh no, it’s a song from Fifty Shades Darker. Some of the songs from these movies are ok, however, *sigh*. This song is not bad, however, this is not something I would listen to a lot. However, it might get into my Liked Songs playlist. And that is because I usually like some of Sia’s songs.
Playlist added to: Liked Songs

Can’t help falling in love by Alyssa Baker

Well, this has to be one of my favorite songs! I already have so many covers I love from this song! And I keep on findings covers that I love from this song. And here comes another cover, and it goes into a list.
Playlist added to: Cover

Älska Mig by Robinholta

Swedish music. I am very picky about these songs. And I don’t think this is a song I will like. I get a feeling quite early, and I don’t feel like I will like this or listen to it.
Playlist added to: None

Psykos by Trofast

Another Swedish song. Why? I didn’t get the like feeling on this either. I feel like this will be one song I will just skip. It is a little catchy, however, that is only like one small part, so no.
Playlist added to: None

Try by Asher Book

This one comes from Fame. I have never watched Fame. I don’t know what I feel. It might just be another song I would skip. I must be catched instantly, and I am not.
Playlist added to: None

Falling in love tonight by Fantasia

I don’t know. A little catchy. But I don’t think it is enough for me to keep wanting to listen to it. I feel like a song should catch me in the first verse, and I am not. I have to say, right now I am strict, but I need to get my main playlist cleaned soon and adding songs I won’t listen to won’t help!
Playlist added to: None

What about us by P!ink

I have heard this song a lot of times on the radio, and I haven’t added it. However, I do enjoy it. It is not a bad song. But it won’t be something I listen to a lot. But…
Playlist added to: Liked Songs

Say you won’t let go by Tanner Patrick

I love this song! This is a good cover! I don’t have a lot other to say.
Playlist added to: Cover

Start of Time by Gabrielle Aplin

I don’t know. I feel like I have been saying that a lot. I think I like it, it just takes some time to get into. Listening to it further, I like it!
Playlist added to: Main – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Hurricane by Bridgit Mendler

Well, I have heard it before! And I an enjoying it.I usually like Bridgit Mendler’s song.
Playlist added to: Main – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Paralyzed – NF

I like it! I just get feelings about songs. And I am enjoying it! I like the vibe in it all. I like like this songs that are like a little darker, and are just not normal pop songs from the earliest year. Oh, here came a rap, I didn’t expect that. But it definitely didn’t make me dislike it. I like some types of rap.
Playlist added to: Main – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Phänomen by Cyril aka Aaron Hilmer and Roxy

Why do I get all these German songs? I mean they can be catchy, but I just… I don’t know. I just feel like I don’t have a connection with them.
Playlist added to: None

Girl in the Mirror by Sophia Grace and Silento

This has that catchy tone again. I have no idea why. But I don’t know if I like it, or why. It is just catchy. And it makes me kind of want to dance. I have no idea why.
Playlist added to: Liked Songs

Es tut mir doch so leid by Mergim Mjeku

Is this German again? *Sigh* It is like maybe catchy, however…
Playlist added to: None

Lifeline by Kenny Holland

No. I don’t think. I have definitely heard it, somewhere. However, if it hasn’t catched my interest then, it doesn’t do it now.
Playlist added to: None

Hurt by Chase Goehring

I don’t know. Maybe. It is a little catchy. I think I like it actually. Why do it seems like I like dark and sad love songs?
Playlist added to: Main – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Utan Dig by Lokal

*Sigh* Another Swedish song. And I am not feeling it.
Playlist added to: None

Värdilösa människa by Sebastian Krantz

When did I listen to Swedish music? I have so many Swedish songs. And I haven’t listen to those songs I have in ages.
Playlist added to: None

Well, 14 of these 29 songs came into one of my playlists. It is not awful, but it is definitely not the best it could have been.

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