The week that passed #11

Well, I haven’t blogged anything in a few days, yet again. I feel like it might be easier when I get to calm down… if I get to calm down. But lets just dive right into last week… which I actually don’t remember that good anymore.

Last weeks highlight:

Well, I stayed most my week in bed, because I kind of din’t feel like doing anything else.

Last weeks downturn:

Being really bad.

Last weeks movie:

The Wind Rises.

Bilderesultat for the wind rises

Last weeks tv show:

Well… I actually watched Baywatch. I haven’t gotten longer than like half in the first season, and I hope it gets better. Because I can see why the show originally got cancelled after season 1.

Last weeks song:

Hmmm… I mean, you should look at my Discover Weekly post. I will go one for this week as well, however, I don’t know when in this week… which is soon over.

Last weeks food:

What did we eat last week? Has to be like soup or something. Because we woke up to snow on Sunday, which melted away before the day was over.

Last weeks book:

Well… I didn’t finish any books last week… which is terrible! However, this week will be hard choosing only one good book.

Last weeks celebrity:

I don’t actually know.

Last weeks couple:

I haven’t like found a favorite couple this week.

As my may see, a pretty boring week.

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