I’m back again

So, it has been almost two whole months since I wrote a post last time. And a lot of things have happened, but I will talk about all that later on.

To be honest, I didn’t intend this break to become this long. And I have to say, I wanted to write a post. I looked at the page every single time I went on my computer, but I just think I needed some time. Hopefully, now I can get back into this.

I know a few things that I will write about, I am going to read a 100 books, and review them, I also have a goal to watch a 100 movies this year, and I will talk a little bit of them, and also TV Shows. I have a main tv show to watch, but also a few that I have on a priority list.

So, right now I am watching Bones. I can’t say what I’m watching tomorrow. Bones is one of the ones on my priority list, I have watched it before, but I want to watch it again. And I have to say, watching it over again… it’s just as good!

Well, I hope that I can just figure out things I can talk about. I maybe have a few ideas. So, I definitely am going to plan out ahead. I hope to just be able to blog a little every day. I am sure I will, but I can’t promise.

But, right now I am going to come up with some ideas.

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