Just a typical Sunday

So, today I haven’t exactly done much. I woke up around 9, I usually don’t lay longer than that. And I ate breakfast, just like a normal Sunday, along with my coffee. After that I used some time on my iPad, just playing a few games to just relax a little.

To say anything: I don’t play a lot of exiting games on my iPad. It’s usually just easy games I don’t have to think a lot in. The ones I play the most is Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Family Island. I try not to use too much time on this, because I have other things to do with my time. But I usually play it when I feel like it.

I also went into my saved later on YouTube, I have over 200 videos to watch, and I have watched just a few today, so it’s just getting more and more. I have so much to watch, but that is not what I have done today, just so that is said.

After that I chose the book I would start, since I finished Looking for Alaska yesterday. I chose Shatter Me. Yesterday I also calculated how many pages I need to read every day to finish my TBR (to be read) on time for February, I need to read a 143 pages every single day. So, I have read my 143 pages of Shatter Me. I will finish this one on Tuesday, and then I will start a new book… probably Phantom of the Opera, just because I want to read it, but I need to read it just a little in between so I don’t stop it.

After reading my pages, I decided to watch Bones, in the last 4 days I have watched the whole of season 1, which is crazy. I never watch seasons that are over 20 episodes in shorter than 2 weeks. I am getting good at getting through shows, I mean I should watch Dirty John, since that one is kind of on my watch list for January, but it’s only like 8 episodes, so that will be done in a flash. Especially since I have watched 22 episodes in 4 days, or 23, I have already started season 2 of Bones, and I probably won’t stop. Maybe I spend the next 4 days watching season 2, well you know, it is like 12 seasons, you know, if I watch a whole season in 4 days every time, I will use 48 days to finish all episodes of Bones. You know, it is possible. However, not all of the seasons are 20 episodes long, some of them are shorter.

Well, anyways, now I am just rambling. My thoughts on Bones will be out in a few days, just need a little time writing it. But, you know, some of you might know my thoughts.

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