Journaling Update

So for a few months ago I wrote that I wanted to start with Journaling. And I have. This year I have 3 journals, next year I am thinking of making some changes so I am able to only have one. I haven’t figured out how yet, but I will.

Ok, so lets talk a little of all of them.

The yellow one is my reading journal. I track what I am planning my TBR (to be read), the days I am reading, if I am joining any read-a-thons and I write down all the books I read that months with a rating from 1-5 stars. I also have 100 squares so I can color in one for every book I read, because my goal is 100 books.

The blue one is my movie/tv show journal. I choose 8 to 9 movies to watch every single month because my goal is to watch 100 movies this year. I also choose 1 tv show that is hopefully getting finished that month. I track which days I am watching a movie and a tv show. For the tv shows I track if I watch the chosen tv show for the month, or if I watch one of the tv shows I hope to be able to finish this year (it’s not gonna happen).

The black one is my planner. It’s where I plan out everything I need to do and things like that. It’s simpel, but useful. I try and learn new things, so the next one I make will be even better. Or, if I can get through a whole year of planning. So far I am enjoying it, I feel like I can get all the needs I have into it.

The last one is my diary/life journal. I just write whatever I want in it. I try to write a little every single day, and so far it is going great. I hope to be able to journal every single day for an entire year, and then I might have made it a habit and keep on going with it.

So, at you see. Journaling are going so good. I think it might be one of my new hobbies, and I hope that from next year I will be able to make some paintings to have as the front pages.

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One thought on “Journaling Update

  1. Love journals, I am a bit more chaotic with only one main journal and a sort of scribble notebook that always lives in my bag, everything just goes int the main journal. Enjoy the process and the fun of keeping a journal.


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