Week 4: Schedule

So, I think this is a fun idea talking about what my schedule for next week is. So, I am not writing like timestamps on this, because I don’t set a timestamp when I am going to do things.

But let’s get into next week.

Friskgården (I hope to be able to talk a little about this later)
Editing 2 videos
Watch a movie

Write out a few blog posts
Edit the vlog

Watching a movie
Start Dirty John

Watch a movie
Keep on watching Dirty John

Meeting a few people (maybe)
Watch a movie
Hopefully finish Dirty John
Edit a video

Film a few videos
Watch a movie or a tv show

Plan out next week
Write a few blog posts
Watch a movie or a tv show

So, as you see. I don’t do too much on an average. I try and read every single day, just because my TBR’s (to be read) are so enormous. I have had 14 books to read in January, and right now it looks like it will be just as many in February. Hopefully it will calm down maybe just a little in the next months, however I am doing something called Bookopoly in 2020 for my TBR to be chosen.

So, I might write a little about that in a post, so you all know how I choose my TBR. That is how almost every single book I write about is chosen. Some of them are books I read for other things too. But at least around 5-10 of those will be from my bookopoly.

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