Explaining Bookopoly

So, since I talk a little about books, and I have a habit of talking about things that I haven’t explained. So, today I thought I would explain about the game that I am using to choose my TBR.

So, I won’t explain it in as much detail as I did in my video. If you want more, here is the video:

So, this game is based on Monopoly, but all the squares are book based. I won’t talk about all the squares, because I do that in the video. It is personalized to me, so there is genres that I own books in, so I can choose from the TBR that I am already owning, but I won’t say that I am not buying any more books.

Each month I roll the dices, and I choose books from where I land, sometimes I roll a double and then I need to add another book to that months TBR.

So, in January now I have 7 books from Bookopoly’s game, and that means that I can choose a little bit more books each month, so I usually join read-a-thons each month, and it’s great to have a little wriggle room.

I try as much as possible to choose books I am excited to read, some months there might be a book I am more excited to read than others. Of course, since a book is on my TBR I have been wanting to reading it.

There are some squares that are out of my choosing, for example the GoodReads Choice award winner, that is a winner (and the books leading up to that winner) from one of the years. I choose one and then read that book, some of them are exiting, and some of them are not.

I explain it better in the video, I also have my inspiration for the game there.

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