Filming, tv shows and relaxing

Today have been… I don’t know what to call it. Productive, but so exhausting. I have filmed like at least 5 videos, so now I only have left to edit them.

I have like 9 ish videos to edit, and that is a lot. I haven’t seen how many I have. I have to start tomorrow. A lot of them is going up next week, so I need to be done with a few by then. The first one is going up on Monday, and that is my February TBR. I won’t bore you all by telling you all the videos going up, but I hope that I will be able to edit all of them and upload them.

So, today have been the perfect filming day. I have been alone for almost the whole day, and when I am alone is the best days to film, because if I am not alone I can’t talk in a normal voice, because if I speak in a normal voice people will hear what I am saying. And I am not so keen on that.

And you know, you may be wondering why I am living at home at 22, almost 23. I am willing to tell people, but not in this post. I will write about it in another post, just explaining.

So, when I finished all the filming I had planned out, the videos I knew I could film and knew what would be about, I watched like 2 episodes of Bones. I have been hooked on Bones lately, and I am just over halfway through the second season, and I think I will, maybe, possibly finish it next week. I have to see though. I still have 6 movies and 8 episodes of Dirty John to watch, however, I might just use 2 days watching Dirty John, I have to start tomorrow, and I also must watch a movie tomorrow.

So, on my movies to watch, I have the Norwegian movie The Wave, and I am watching that with my mother. so I need to see when we can watch it together.

I need to relax now. And I think I need to do that tomorrow as well. Well, it’s Sunday tomorrow so it’s the relax day.

The weather today have been awful, yesterday and half of today we have had snow, and now it has started to rain. The roads are just slush, and that is the worst thing driving in. I was out driving a little while ago, and when I got over 25 km/h the car began wandering, and you just had to slow down. Let’s hope this is over before I have to drive on Monday, with my tired I should not be driving on slush.

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