vaLITines Blog Challenge #2

So, the next blog challenge is out. And this time you are to talk about positive relationships. I read a lot of books with more or less problematic relationships, but I kind of have found a few ones that are more on the positive side of things.

I think that Hazel and Augustus have a more healthy relationship than a lot of YA books. They help and support each other, and would do anything for the other person. They help each other grow and kind of find themselves, even though they are cancer sick.

So, I think I want to say Rhys and Feyre. They didn’t start off on a good foot in A Court of Thorns and Roses. However, in this book things starts to go on the right foot. Feyre is understanding and Rhys is opening up, and Rhys is accepting and nuturing, and that helps Feyre grow into the person she is meant to me. These two help each other grow. Rhys doesn’t want to hold Feyre back.

I find it difficult to kind of find positive relationships, there are so many kind of toxic relationship, I could talk a lot about those. However, I find it more difficult to find positive relationships in books, and i find that kind of strange.

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