Why Daily Journal?

So, I haven’t been that good at it lately. However, I try my best to daily journal. Write a little every single day, even if it’s just a little snippet of something. You know, when you have ME you have a brain that doesn’t always remember the details of a day. And then daily journal helps. It also helps with cleaning your mind.

If it’s something you want to talk about, write it in your journal. For me this helps, I can clean my mind without yelling it out to people. I can say things I maybe wouldn’t tell others. I can talk about it, even if it’s a secret, and nobody will know. Nobody will be able to spill it to someone else.

It helps me to see my emotions I had that day. Was it a good day? Or a bad? Did I do something special? Are there anyone I have a special eye to? I can write things down, and know that it’s safe, and it will stay that way.

It is personal, it is a piece of you. If you don’t want anyone to read it, you don’t have to let anyone read it.

I remember when I was seventeen, and just had a fight with my then boyfriend. And I remember my friend say to me as I wrote: “You are angry.” And yes, I was angry. And when I read it now, I can even see that I was angry. The way you write says something to, you write different when you are angry, or something else.

I want to try and get even better at daily journaling. So I actually am able to write every single day. I am good at it, but there are a few days here and there I miss, but I want to write every single day.

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