Plan For March

So, I didn’t have this plan for March just a few days ago. But when I made my Bullet Journal spread for March I had a double spread page that became empty.

When I was thinking of what I was going to use to spread to I had an idea. I have been bad at blogging for a while now, and I thought it would be a good challenge to set myself to blog every single day. So now I need to plan out 31 blog post. I don’t know everything I will write about, I have a few things I have planned out, but I haven’t planned out the days they will be out.

I am also thinking about how I am going to wrap up the books I am reading, I feel like if I am going to wrap up them one and one then over half of my post will be books, and then if I am doing the same with TV Shows and Movies, then there will be a lot of only that and nothing else. So, I need another plan of attack on that, in February I read 17 books, so that says something. I have to see, there are so many books I haven’t written about either, and I have watched a few movies too.

I don’t know what you prefer, if you read blogs every single day, or if you go in once in a while. I might talk about the books one and one, the same with the movies and tv shows, I mean, I do have time to sit and write once in a while, and then they will be out pretty close to each other in days. I just need to sit down and write them.

So, right now I just don’t feel like writing, but I think I will sit down a little every day. I know that I have a lot to write because next week I will watch 7 movies, and finish maybe around 3-4 books depending on what I pick up. Those books you won’t read about right now, they will be up later on, but hopefully, I will be better at keeping up.

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