TV Show Plans

So, every single month I have some plans of which TV Shows I want to start, and I try not to have too many. It doesn’t always work out the way I plan to, and sometimes I end up watching something totally different than I was planning to.

Every single month I pull out a piece of paper with a TV Show on. And if I don’t watch what I am supposed to the tv show is carried on to the next month. I also try to pick some others to watch, because I have so many to watch, like 1800 or something.

Dirty John is a tv show I have carried over all the way from January. I don’t know why I haven’t watched it. It might be because I don’t know what I am walking into with this tv show.

For March now I have Looking for Alaska. I just read the book this year, and now I can’t wait to dive into this tv show. I just need to find a time where I’m not reading, because I think this tv show will be one of those where I can only watch.

These are the tv shows I need to get done. I have a few I want to keep on watching. For example:

Riverdale. This is not my favorite show, there is much weird stuff happening. I used to watch this tv show a lot, but I stopped in season 2. I don’t know why I chose to continue on now, but I have figured out that the tv show is a good background while I read.

Masterchef Australia. So, I am almost finished with season 3, and then I will watch the All Star season before continue on with the other seasons. I usually use this a background, but I like to see how the stakes get higher for every season. And I want to get up to date, and see how the new judges are. And I know what the next season will follow.

Ragnarok. So, I haven’t started this yet, but it is a Norwegian show, and it has some of the actors from Skam in it. I used to love Skam back in the day. I want to see how it is. And it has been renewed for a second season.

Skam. Talking about Skam. I want to see this one again. It is some time since I last watched it, and now I am ready to get back into it.

I think I am stopping myself there. I have a lot of movies to watch too. Every month I usually have some thoughts about what I want to watch, and planning out what to watch I feel that I get more organized, and are able to watch more.

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