Things To Do While In Quarantine

So, for a lot of us, there are different times. We are forced to do different things, and staying home. Some places are more strict than others. Here in Norway a lot of places are closing down, people who are working closer than 1 meter from each other are forced to shut down. No buffets at restaurants, airports are closed, we aren’t allowed to leave Norway. People who can are advised to work from home.

We can still have take away at restaurants, go to the store, and go outside. However, most of us don’t. And here in Norway I see a lot of people talking about how bored they are. So, I just thought I would talk about some things that you can do.

Reading is something that makes time fly. At least, if you like to read. There are a lot of formats to read from. You have audiobooks, ebooks and physical books. Because if you don’t want to go outside, and want to read a book, try and find it on an audiobook if you like those, and if you don’t then you have the ebook choice, Amazon have all the books you need. Some of them you have to pay for, but there are a lot of books that are on some sort of campaign, and they might be free. I download a lot of free books that are an interest to me, if they seems like something I might like I will download them, and I have a plan on how I am going to read them. I might come with a list later with books I loved that you also might like.

Tv Series
I mean, when you are inside, there is no one there to stop you to binge that series you always wanted to see. Right? Over these next 15 days I am hoping to finish the last episodes of season 4 of Criminal Minds, and then watch the whole season 5. Just because I can. I have watched 18 episodes over the last 7 days, and that watching number might go up in the following weeks, because I can. And when I am tired am don’t feel like reading, I just think that this is a good option. I might do a tv shows I love.

If you are not a tv series person and more of a movie person, why not watch all the movies you have been dying to see? Just this week I have done a re-watch, found one of my most disappointing movies, but also one of my best movies of the year. I also might do a movies I love.

I mean, this might not be the thing you want to do. But when you have that extra time, so why not use some of it to clean. I know I have used some time to clean up some of the books I have all over my room. So far, it is going all right, when my dad builds the next bookshelf I will get all my books off my floor. I can’t wait.

Be creative
I know a lot of people like to be creative. Why now use your time being just that? Bullet Journaling, drawing, painting, writing you name it. Being creative is only stopped by your imagination.

Here are 5 tips on what you can do. I bet there are more. And if I some of you have some tips I think a lot of people would love to hear, get some inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “Things To Do While In Quarantine

  1. I’m thinking of starting some online courses; I love staying at home but after some time, one starts running out of things to do. *sighh*


    1. That is a great idea! There are so many different things you can learn!
      I so see that. I also love staying at home, however, when you barely can leave the house, you start to get bored because that is all you can do.


      1. I knoww- honestly, its only fun doing things when you’re doing them with your own free will. Staying at home was so much more fun when I wasn’t being told to do so.


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