TV Shows I Am Most Excited For

So, I watch a lot of tv shows. I don’t remember when I downloaded the TV Time app, however, I have used it ever since. And I am a re-watcher of tv shows, and when I downloaded the app I decided that I would watch everything again. So far I have watched over 900 episodes of shows, and I know that this number will only grow, before April is over I will have watched over 1000 episodes, I am sure of it.

I have so many tv shows I am excited for, and this might be a thing that will have multiple additions on it. I keep on finding new tv shows all the time, and it is always coming out new ones. Some of these you might already have heard me talking about, but if you have I have to say: I might have started them, but the ones on the list are tv shows I haven’t watched until the end.

Lets start with a few of the ones I am exited for:

Criminal Minds
This is the one you hear me talking about all the time. I am currently on season 4, I have watched a little longer before I started on a re-watch. But that is some time ago. I haven’t finished all the seasons. I find this show so interesting. You must like crime shows to watch this, and I don’t know how much young adults will enjoy this. I know I love it. I know the show has ended, so I hope when it gets back on Viaplay they have added the last season so I can finish it up. Hopefully it will be back on Viaplay in August or September so I can continue on with it.

NCIS: Los Angeles
I used to keep up with this show. And I know I enjoy it. However, a time back I stopped and now I am a lot of seasons behind. I want to start watching it again. I love the humor they have, and I love the characters. I just need to find where I can watch it, for the moment I haven’t found that place yet.

I have the book, and I know that I will read it by the next opportunity. And then I will watch the show. I have heard a lot of mixed things about it. Some people love season 1 and didn’t like season 2 as much, and some are the opposites. However, a lot of people are liking this show, and I want to see how I like it. I know the book is written in a creepy way, and I want to see if the tv show is just as creepy.

I know that there are books to read in this, I don’t know when I will get to them or if I just watch the tv show first. I got this tv show recommended by a friend of mine. I already had it on my radar, but he was telling me how good it was. He and I are alike, when we see tv shows we usually do other stuff at the same time, he told me that he couldn’t do that with this show, and that made me intrigued.

I think I will wait to watch this show until I am done with Criminal Minds. However, I know that Shemar Moore’s character leaves Criminal Minds, and I love how he acts. And I think that I will need some more Shemar Moor when he leaves Criminal Minds, and this is the perfect show for that.

That was a few of the shows I am excited for, there are a bunch more. I will talk about some later. I am always looking for tv shows to add to my watchlist. I have a struggle to get through all of them, but maybe some time in the future I will have watched a lot of them. If you have any recommendations, definitely let me know. I am a little picky about what I like and not, but I always give the tv shows a fear try before I kind of let them go.

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