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Advertisement – Bought Myself

Before I say anything: I have bought it myself. But I just want to give you a heads up in case you want to try something like this.

Bilderesultater for skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that has thousands of videos out that are on an average of 30-40 minutes long. They teach from almost all types of things. I love to watch things like: Painting, Bullet Journaling, Video Editing, Picture Taking, Blog related, and so much more.

I love these videos because I learn better from watching and trying out myself than just people writing about it.

I am no where near finished with videos I want to complete and videos keep coming out. You also have work shops that you can complete.

I right now only use one day to watch maybe one class. My goal is to watch at least a little from one video every day. I hope I am able to start with these.

The classes are usually parted into different sections, and I find that helpful because it makes it easy if you don’t have time to watch a lot you can stop after one section.

The link I am sharing with you today is my friend code. That means that you get 2 months free.

I know that I haven’t regretted this. I love it, and I love to learn things.

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