Welcome April

I cannot believe that we are in April already. These first three months have flew by. I have seen that these last weeks with being home, I have not been the best at a plan for the day. So for April I will be really using my Bullet Journal. But that is not all I have for a plan in April. So, let’s talk a little about things I want to do in April.

Bullet Journal: So, of course use my Bullet Journal. The plan is to try and blog as much as possible. I have a whole spread for that, if ai have planned it out and uploaded it, and what the title of the post. I also have my habit tracker, that I hope to get better at using. And then there is my mood tracker, that I hope to get better at using. I have a spread for Skillshare, I want to see how much I can use it, and get better at it. And then the days of the weeks start, I have written down what I hope to do in a day, and when I do it I will cross it off.

Movies: So, I have 25 movies to watch this month. Some of then are from months before, because I haven’t watched them. But some of them are for this month. I hope to watch at least all the ones I need for this month, so I don’t get any more behind, and if I feel like it then watch some of the others.

Tv Shows: So, this is a big part of my life, however, I just need to see what I am in the mood for. These first few days I hope to be able to finish season 5 of Criminal Minds before it disappears from Viaplay for a while. Then I think I will prioritize the ones I need to watch, that are for the month, and back. And if I finish all of them, then I can watch something else.

Books: For books I have around 19 books to finish, and that is a lot. And some of them are books over 500 pages, I have 1 that is over a 1000, and one that is around 800 pages. So, I have a lot of reading to get done. But I am excited for a lot of them, and I hope they are so good that I can just fly through them.

Vlog: Since I am doing something on BookTube called O.W.Ls Magical Readathon I will vlog for the entire April. And I hope I get motivated to start to vlog and edit them again.

Upload videos: I have struggled lately. And I have changed my uploading schedule a little, so I hope that will help with uploading my videos.

That was some of the things I am planning for April. Of course, I don’t know how long this Covid-19 will keep us inside, and when we don’t need to stay inside anymore, then some of my plans will have to change.

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