What I Will Do In The Easter Holiday

So, the holiday is here. And even though most people have had kind of a holiday earlier than normal, it’s holiday now where things are closed and I can relax and do nothing.

Of course I have a few things I want to do.

So, hopefully we will get some days with nice weather (don’t think that will happen though) and we can have a barbecue of some kind.

Tv Shows & Movies:
I hope to be able to watch some tv shows and movies. I hope I feel up for it. It’s not every day I feel like it, and I don’t push myself to to do it if I don’t feel like it.

This is a must. I hope I am able to catch up to my lost reading. There have been some days where I have been slacking, and I hope I will be able to catch up to those days.

Star Stable:
I hope I can use a little time on Star Stable, I don’t usually play it too much, because I get a little bored at times, however, I want to play a little.

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