TV Shows – What I have decided

So, as many of you know… if you have read my blog before, is that I have extremely many tv shows to watch. It is just crazy, and I sometimes feel so stressed out when I just see them piling up and it doesn’t look like I am able to get through any of them.

So, when I got my TV Show/Movie Bullet Journal I started picking out 1 TV Show to watch every single month (not that I have been particularly good at that). However, some of the TV Shows are shorter, with maybe only 1 season. And then I might have to pick something else as well.

I add anything I would like to watch, and that makes it a lot. Seeing that I have over 1800 added TV Shows is a lot. And that is why I have decided that I need to change up how I watch things.

I am the person who starts 20 different TV Shows, and then having trouble actually watching them, because I find something else to watch. That is why I am setting myself a rule.

I am not the person who have kept up to date with TV Shows, so all kinds of different stuff that is currently airing (Riverdale, Outlander, NCIS: Los Angeles, etc.) I am not up to date with.

The rule I have set myself is: I am only allowed to watch 3 different TV Show at the time.
Number 1: The TV Show I pick out from my TV Show box every month. Where I will do my best to finish at least 1 season (where there are multiple season), or wrap up a show (if there are only 1 season).
Number 2: A TV Show that is finished, where they no longer produce any episodes.
Number 3: A TV Show that is not finished, that they are still producing episodes to.

This will make it easier for myself to do a few things:

  • Finish TV Shows as a whole. Where I can watch every season without a stop.
  • Catch up on TV Shows that I find exiting that are currently airing.
  • Find new favorite shows that I might want to continue on with.
  • Keep myself contained and not start too many TV Shows so there are too many of them to continue on.

So, you may wonder, what TV Shows am I watching. I have a few ones in mind. This month is soon over, so why don’t we just start talking about the TV Shows I will watch in May.

So the TV Show I have picked out from my TV Show box is Blindspot, I will start with season 1 and see how I like it. Then for my show that no longer produce episodes I need to watch Baywatch, I have until October 15 to watch 11 seasons, so this is the first TV Show I will watch until I am done. The TV Show I will watch that is currently still in production will be Riverdale, just because I have already started that.

So, there you have it. My TV Show plans. I may not be able to keep it all the time, but I hope I will be able to keep it for the most part. I still have my past TV Shows that I haven’t watched. Like Dirty John, Looking for Alaska and Hanna, so they will still be on my watching list, and I need to watch them, so I might have to start with those before Blindspot.

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