Post you will see in the future

So, today I watched a video on Skillshare, and she talked about Morning Rituals, and how to create them. I have a few rituals I want to start doing. I have some rituals already, however, I have things I want to get to every day. And some of these will help me with things.

I want to start to think about 10 blogpost and write them down every day. That means that I will always have something to write about, and have a lot to choose from. That will make blogging easier, and when I start this it will be more blog posts about things.

I will get more into writing some reviews, I don’t know if I will write review for all the books I read. I have read a lot of books, and I might have to take several books in one post, if not there will be a lot of posts about books.

I think for movie reviews I might do the same, I have to see how many movies I watch. I don’t know yet.

I will also review TV Shows I watch, I don’t know if I will write every season, because I don’t know if I have that much to say about each season. I might do a review of the whole show, and then just talk a little of each season.

I will also do a A-Z post, that will take some time, I will do one post of every single letter. I just need to think about what I am going to write about.

I think there is a lot more, however, I just don’t remember. You will have to stayed tuned on what to come.

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