What I want to change

So, I have things I want to get better at. Things I want to put into my routine. I have a few things I want to change, and get into a routine. Some of them I have already started to get into my routine, and change. I have things that make my day perfect, however, I sometimes struggle to get all the things done, not big things, but things I would like to do.

1) Non-fiction reading:
So, I have a lot of books like these to read. I don’t put non-fiction books on my TBR (to be read), however, I want to read some of them, and see if I find some good ones.
The routine I want to get is to read at least a chapter of a non-fiction book in the morning when I am drinking my morning coffee. I have started with one now, called Emotional Intelligence by Judy Dyer. I have read around 2 chapters.
Once I have finished it I might write a review, and say my opinion as a person who doesn’t read a lot of non-fiction.

2) Write down 10 blog ideas:
I want to do this every morning. This will make me think more creative in the mornings. And that then I always will have different things I can write on my blog. As some of you may have seen, I have been struggling with writing lately, and I don’t want to struggle.

3) Skillshare:
I won’t talk too much about this, because I have been talking about it a lot. But I want to continue using this every morning, even if it’s only five minutes a day. I pay for it, and I want to use it, because I find it very useful for some things, and this can make me get better at other things.

4) Reading:
Don’t get me wrong. I try to read like every day. However, I want to read as much as I can. Lately I have been slacking at days, where I only read like 50 pages a day. I want to read more. I also want to continue on reading every day, because I enjoy reading. And there are so many different books to read.

5) TV:
I want to get better at choices. That I don’t start new TV Shows all the time, but finish the ones that I start, that I watch the movies I am supposed to watch. I am so far behind on my movie watching, but I want to get better at it. Finishing up TV Shows that are finished is also a thing I want to get done.

6) Drawing:
So, I am doing a 365 day drawing challenge. And I am usually good at keeping it up. However, there are days I almost not do it. I want to start and try and do it a little earlier, that way I will feel more refreshed when I do it, instead of doing it when I am tired.

7) Morning and Nighttime Routine:
I want to get better at this. Doing my Morning and my nighttime routine every single day. I might have to get it into my Habit Tracker. I just need to figure out how I am going to make it with all the things I am tracking.

I don’t think it is anything else. At least not anything I remember right now. I am not great at remembering things.

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