May Goals

So, I usually have some kind of goal for the month. Even though I don’t write them down. In my next Bullet Journal I think I will have a yearly goal, but also monthly goals. That will help me reach them, and make everything much easier for me.

But lets talk about some of my goals for May. I usually don’t have a lot of goals, I think that is why I don’t have them. However, I hope to be able to have more goals to accomplish when I start my Bullet Journal next year.

1) Blog every day
This one you have seen like a million times, and I keep on forgetting to update my blog. However, this is something I would want to get better at. I have been working on my spread for my Blog in my Bullet Journal, and now I have gotten a functional one. One that I hope can keep my motivated, and makes me have ideas on what I can write about every day.
BTW: If there is anything you would like to see I am up for it.

2) Read every day
So, I have done this in April. I have been able to read every day. And I hope I can manage the same thing in May. I have so many books on my reading list for this month, it is crazy! And that is why I need to read every single day. I have to read at least 325 pages every single day. That shouldn’t be a problem. If the book is good, I can get through a lot of pages in just a few hours. For example: A few days ago I didn’t start reading until 5, and by 8 I had read 300 pages. I hav gotten better at Speed Reading. This makes you read faster, but still understand what the text is about.

3) Finish all the books
I have around 30 books this month. And I actually hope to finish them all this month. I know that might seem crazy, but not all of them are super long books. I have a graphic novel, a 1 hour audiobook, a lot of contemporary books that won’t take too long to read, but also a lot of other audiobooks. Audiobooks takes shorter time to read for me. I usually listen to them on double speed, not to get through them faster, but because when I listen to things, I just feel that anything slower than that is too slow.

4) Skillshare
I want to keep on going with Skillshare. I have gotten used to this now, waking up and watching one Skillshare class every morning. If I don’t feel like the whole thing, then just a little part of it. I am trying to build my Morning Routine.

5) Non-fiction mornings
I have also started this ting. I read at least 1 chapter of a non-fiction book every morning. Non-fiction is my least favorite genre, but I try to find books that I might like. I try not to push it, so I try to read 1 chapter a day.

6) Movies/TV Shows
In April was a bad watching month for me. However, I hope to redeem myself in May, watching things. I have like 32 movies I still haven’t watched, and I have a few TV Shows that I should start. One of those are Baywatch, I have to finish is before it leaves TV 2 Sumo, which have things that goes on Norwegian TV. I have until October 15th, however, when you think about it, it doesn’t take that long. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that this year started, and look where we are today.

I don’t think there is anything else. I think that you should have goals, but not too many goals for a month. 6 quite easy goals is enough for me.
Having too many goals I think it is easier to not getting them all done. For yearly goals you can have more, and just divide them into the months so you are able to do them all.

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