How I Stay Creative

I do a lot of different things. And there are things I choose to do to keep my creativity there. I have different things, and I usually find new things that I would like to do. I love being creative, and doing a little every day helps.

I have been talking about this one before. I am doing a challenge, draw one drawing a day for 365 days and see what happens. I have been drawing for 20 days now. I like the challenge, and that makes me come up with new things every day. How good the drawing get, depends on my mood and how long I feel like drawing.

Brush Lettering:
This is something I started now in May. I spend a few minutes every day writing a quote using Brush Lettering. This is to get even better at it. I try out different pens, and see what I like the most. I hope to be able to buy even more brush letter pens.

Bullet Journal:
This is something I got into this year. I try out different things with it every single time. This not only helps me stay creative, but also to stay organized. I hope to be able to do this even better when I get a real hang of it. I like to see how the different themes changes, and how good or bad they get.

Filming videos is also a great way to be creative. You can do what you want to, and make it how you want.

This is something I want to get better at. Taking pictures and see how I can be creative that way. Hopefully this is something I can get into.

I do my best to stay creative. I love being creative. It is a time where I kind of stopped doing things like this, and I can see how much things like this changed. I am also drawing worse than before, but I think with time I will bet better at drawing again.

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