Emotional Intelligence by Judy Dyer

Let me introduce you to the first non-fiction book I have ever finished, and actually liked.

Emotional Intelligence by Judy Dyer is basically about this concept called Emotional Intelligence. When we think of success, we often think of IQ, however, over the years the concept of Emotional Intelligence has become predominant in the conversation of success. Human interactions are all around us, and the skill of being able to deal with others in social situations and vital.
This book helps you educate yourself on how to deal with your feelings and the feelings of others. Judy Dyer reveals some of the most dynamic and powerful principles that will assist you in developing your emotional intelligence. You discover new insights on the importance of understanding your feelings and how to control and use them to live a more fulfilling life.

I learned a lot. I gave this book 4 ⭐️, I found it interesting. And I think that is one of the things with many non-fiction books. They don’t interest me. I don’t find topics that I feel like I care about and can give me something to learn. This book did.

I am thinking of buying this book, so I can go over it again and highlight the parts I found the most interesting. And also tab it so I can easily find it again.

Learning about this topic actually made me think. It gave me a perspective on what to look for in a future relationship. I learned that people with low emotional intelligence aren’t good for you. Some of them drain your energy, but they also have a habit of always finding something negative, they always fight you, etc.

I usually read a chapter a day, and I found that helpful. Then I could take in what I had read that day.

He reason I want to buy it is because I want to read it again in the future. I want to learn something from the book, and what I tab it I can go back to the sections I like and read them.

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