Why I have a checklist/to do list

Have you ever gone through a day or a week when you have things to do, but then the week has passed and you haven’t done anything that you had planned? Let’s be honest, you are not alone. This was me not too long ago as well.

At least until I figured out the best way for me is to have a list. A checklist or a to do list. There are multiple ways to do this. You can have a daily to do list, a weekly, a monthly, a yearly.
You decide where you want to have it. On a piece of paper, on your phone, in a notebook, in a Bullet Journal.

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You know, you can start the new year with writing things you need to get done throughout the whole year. If there is a project you are working on that you are doing over a whole year this is a great way. However, if you have a huge task, have that one at the top, but section it up. What I mean is, take this huge task and break it up to many small tasks. Then you know what you have to do, but also makes it easier to finish it.

Quarterly. So, if you think yearly is too long, but monthly is too short then quarterly may be the thing for you. Then you plan things for 3 months at a time. If there are things that will take some time. However, think about the time, don’t plan too much. 3 months may be long, however, when you start to think about it, it’s not that long.

Monthly. There are a lot of things we need to get done. Planning what needs to get done throughout a month may help you on the way to get things done. Getting larger things done. This is for example me planning what to read, I plan those books on a monthly basis. Planing things that needs to get done that month.

Weekly. Maybe there are things that needs to get done this week. Cleaning, reading, assignments. Thing that you need to get to that specific week. You can say this is a master task list.

Daily. Writing tasks daily can be a little tiering. However, I have to say: This helps me get things done. If I have something I have to get done, write it down. Mark off important dates. If you forget to pay your bill, write up rather the date you want to pay it on, or write down the date you have to have it paid by.

Whatever you choose is best for you. Maybe you have to try out a few different ones before you figure out what is best for you. Or maybe you plan on all of these. Whatever works best for you. However, having things written down and checking it off after you have done it is so satisfying.

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