Things I am looking forward to

I have to say, this last 2 weeks of the month I think will go by fast! There are a few things I am looking forward to. So let’s talk a little about them, you will get pictures of everything once I receive the things I have ordered.

Picture from Pexels

Fountain pen. This is coming next week. And I can’t wait to start writing with this one. I have never tried fountain pens before, and I have decided that I want to try it out. If I like it I think it will be much better than the pens I am writing with now.

Sticker machine. I have bought myself a sticker machine. It’s just a small one, but I want to be able to print out different sort of stuff. Pictures, etc. Then I can put them into my Bullet Journal and start a new series on my YouTube channel. Because there as this one person who wanted writing videos, and I thought that a good way to incorporate this in videos is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time, writing down what I have watched with a review. I just need that sticker machine first. Should be here before the month is over.

Nintendo Switch. Can someone stop me from using all my money. This sh*t is expensive guys, and I had a weak moment. So, most likely before the month is over I will have my own Nintendo Switch. At least if the place I bought is from has it in the store and did not lie to me. So, I guess I will be listening to audiobooks once this one is here. I wonder what my mom will say. What good games should I think about getting?

Reading. I have so many books left to read, and I want to finish them all. But I have so many! And so little time to read them. Well, once I get my switch I will listen to a lot of audiobooks, but them again I have someone that currently aren’t available as audiobooks, and that I need to finish as normal. I just need to check out the different places I listen to audiobooks from.

Instagram. Over these last few weeks I want to work on my Instagram. I want to get better at posting, so I guess I should start doing it. I just need to find the way I like it to look. I haven’t find that yet, but I hope to experience it and then I can make it pretty.

I think that is all. It might be more, but you know. I will update things once I receive it. I don’t know when everything will be here, but you will get updates.

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