Welcome June

I cannot believe we are in June already. I fee like time flies by, we are soon half way through 2020, and I feel like the year just started. So, I just thought I would talk a little bit about my plans for June, I try and do this every single month, not that I am super good at it yet, let’s be honest.

This one is always my number one. I again have too many books on my June TBR. I just put on more and more books as I find readthons to join. I have like 5 I want to join this month. I don’t think I will finish all those books, because it is way too many to finish, but you never know. I have a good mix between physical, audiobooks and ebooks.

Nintendo Switch.
So, I just got a mail and on the website it says: Sent. I hope this is true, because the original date I was supposed to get it was July 10. I will be super happy if I get this one like within this week, I will listen to audiobooks and just play.

I say this every single month, don’t I? I will blog more. I feel like i have said this like every single month and I just don’t. But, I hope I will be able to blog more.

I am putting it out here. I am hoping to update my Instagram every single day. And I will update in the end of the month on how it went, or you can check on your own, my Instagram handle is @hanibananiofficial

Get some sun on my body.
Let’s be honest. Living where I live you have to take advantage whenever you have sun. Some summers we will have a few days of sun, and then cloudy days for almost a week or rain before maybe a few days more with sun. I like to be at least a little tan. And it is healthy for you body to get at least a little sun.

I don’t think there is anything else. Let’s be honest, I try not to have too many things to get done. Just because I know that I am a person who not always am motivated to do long lists. If a list gets too long I lose motivation, so I try to keep my lists small and do things when I feel like it.

If there are anything you want me to talk about I am always open to suggestions and I would love to hear it.

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