I so Need Some New Ideas

I find myself sitting here every time I am going to write something, and I just blanks. I never know what I am going to write about, I used to have all these ideas running around in my head, but all of a sudden I just blanks.

This time we are in, are a little strange. I have so much time to think, but I just feel like I sit around and do nothing. Feeling demotivated and just need some ideas.

I don’t have anything to write, I spend all day thinking about this, and when I am going to write, I have nothing. I know there are a lot of things to write about. I have to say that a lot of the things that is online I don’t feel like writing about.

I like to write about my life, the only thing is: I don’t do much. Let’s be honest. I am inside most of the day, reading, or watching tv, or just relaxing and doing nothing.

I will continue to post as frequently as I can, and hope that ideas will come to me eventually.

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