Reading Update

So, I don’t have many ideas. So why don’t I just talk a little about how my reading is going. I actually have read over 100 books so far this year, so I think I will get close to 200 books this year, and that is sick. Now, I do read all kinds of genres, but my favorite is Romance, and romance books are easier read than most.

I have read some shorter books, and when I’m not in the mood to physically read I usually have an audiobook on. I try and read a little all over the board of genres, and different lengths of the books.

I have an idea for a video series I want to do on my channel, I just have a lot going on right now. And in August I have a readathon that I have a large TBR for, so I won’t be able to start it in August. So it looks like I will start in August, I have to see how many I will do, because I have some other books i should get to as well.

I have noticed that I have been slowing down a little on my reading, and I think that it’s because I have been doing a lot of readathons with a lot of prompts, and then I have to keep to the TBR and not mood read a little, because I have to stick to the TBR. So from September I think I need to just relax a little, and if i want to do a readathon of some sorts, be in on it low key.

But, now I am going to my room again. I am writing a story and I want to keep on going. But first, upload my Reading Rush Vlog for day 4.

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