This Happens Every Time

Let’s be honest. Over these last few months I have felt a little slumpy at the end of every single month.
I had a goal of joining one readathon every single month, but I think it might be a bit too much. A lot of the readathons are month long with loads of prompts, and let’s face it I am an overachiever, I want to complete every single prompt, and when I see it doesn’t work I get slumpy, this has happened over the last few months, and I see it again this month.
I have to say, I am joining a readathon in August. G from Book Roast is low key hosting the Magical Readathon, just for people to finish their career if they want to. This is my first year joining, and I want to complete it. And then a new chapter of this readathon will start next year. And I get that, with everything that has been going around I understand.

I have books for every single prompt, I have to finish 18 books to finish my career. I hope that will happen, I hope I will be able to finish the books that I need to, and not read everything else. I have chosen books I am excited for, and I hope that helps. I will also be participating in a game on a Facebook group called WeBeBook’n called Jeopardy, and if anyone has seen the game on YouTube or Netflix it’s the same just with book prompts. Let’s be honest, I want to win. I think that this might motivate me to read some more, and I hope the prompts I get will fit to the books I want to read this month, if not I might have to change something.

I have 2 books from the mytbr website I should finish, I will talk more about them in a post when I have finished all 3, I have read 1 of them and I need 2 more, before giving them a review back on how they did, I guess that mail will be here any day now because it’s maybe a month since I got the titles.
They did really good with their first pick, so I hope that the other books they have chosen are just as good.

I cannot believe we are soon in August. It’s a day or so left of July, and until then I don’t plan on doing much, maybe I will try and read a book or something.

So my Bookopoly Chooses My August TBR will be going up later today, I was supposed to upload it earlier, however, I just didn’t feel like editing.

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