Already 8th of August

That we already are 8 days into August is sick! I have done a lot of reading this week, I have to be honest.I have finished 14 books this month, and that is crazy! So that means I at least have 1 video to film, and that is a mid month wrap up, because if I keep up the speed I will be over 30 books this month… however, I do have some chunkier books to read, I have started Word of Radiance, and will read 100 pages a day, so that will take me 10 days to finish.

I hope to finish a lot of the books I need to, because I also have a video idea, and I would love to post the fist one this month, and maybe another next month, it is from a genre that is quick to read. I cannot wait to start this video, and I’m so excited!

I haven’t done much else, I am a member of We Be Book’n on Facebook, and this month we are doing a bookish Jeopardy, and I am so competitive that I have finished a book a day. This have been so much fun!

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