Talking About TV Shows

If you have seen me talking about tv shows before, you know that I start new tv shows all the time without finishing the ones I am currently watching. And… let’s face it… I haven’t been better at this. The thing is, I should work with finishing the tv shows that are finished, I have a lot of those… some of them are rewatches that I want to watch again and cross them of at the time TV Time. The plan is to talk about the tv shows afterwards, but I have to refresh myself if I have watched it before, because I don’t remember a lot.

I am working on two series right now, the first one is Heartland, I have watched maybe half before I stopped, one of the reasons was where to watch it. However, New Faith Network recently started to put out one season a month, and now I can watch it again. Heartland is for more a series I want to call something like, watching horse shows and see how they are, or something like that.

The other one I’m working on is Pretty Little Liars. I used to watch the latest seasons when they came out, and I used to love it. I need a refresher, but I definitely don’t find it as intriguing and interesting as I did the first time around. I am actually struggling to get through it. So I have to say that I might set this one on a break at some point and watch something else before getting back to it at a later time. Maybe watch something else and then get back to it later, or have it one the back hand and watch an episode here and there.

I try not to watch too many at the same time, just because I rather want to finish tv shows instead of starting new ones, finding things I like and not finish the ones I have started.

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