Already 8th of August

That we already are 8 days into August is sick! I have done a lot of reading this week, I have to be honest.I have finished 14 books this month, and that is crazy! So that means I at least have 1 video to film, and that is a mid month wrap up, because if I keep up the speed I will be over 30 books this month… however, I do have some chunkier books to read, I have started Word of Radiance, and will read 100 pages a day, so that will take me 10 days to finish.

I hope to finish a lot of the books I need to, because I also have a video idea, and I would love to post the fist one this month, and maybe another next month, it is from a genre that is quick to read. I cannot wait to start this video, and I’m so excited!

I haven’t done much else, I am a member of We Be Book’n on Facebook, and this month we are doing a bookish Jeopardy, and I am so competitive that I have finished a book a day. This have been so much fun!

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This Happens Every Time

Let’s be honest. Over these last few months I have felt a little slumpy at the end of every single month.
I had a goal of joining one readathon every single month, but I think it might be a bit too much. A lot of the readathons are month long with loads of prompts, and let’s face it I am an overachiever, I want to complete every single prompt, and when I see it doesn’t work I get slumpy, this has happened over the last few months, and I see it again this month.
I have to say, I am joining a readathon in August. G from Book Roast is low key hosting the Magical Readathon, just for people to finish their career if they want to. This is my first year joining, and I want to complete it. And then a new chapter of this readathon will start next year. And I get that, with everything that has been going around I understand.

I have books for every single prompt, I have to finish 18 books to finish my career. I hope that will happen, I hope I will be able to finish the books that I need to, and not read everything else. I have chosen books I am excited for, and I hope that helps. I will also be participating in a game on a Facebook group called WeBeBook’n called Jeopardy, and if anyone has seen the game on YouTube or Netflix it’s the same just with book prompts. Let’s be honest, I want to win. I think that this might motivate me to read some more, and I hope the prompts I get will fit to the books I want to read this month, if not I might have to change something.

I have 2 books from the mytbr website I should finish, I will talk more about them in a post when I have finished all 3, I have read 1 of them and I need 2 more, before giving them a review back on how they did, I guess that mail will be here any day now because it’s maybe a month since I got the titles.
They did really good with their first pick, so I hope that the other books they have chosen are just as good.

I cannot believe we are soon in August. It’s a day or so left of July, and until then I don’t plan on doing much, maybe I will try and read a book or something.

So my Bookopoly Chooses My August TBR will be going up later today, I was supposed to upload it earlier, however, I just didn’t feel like editing.

Typically My Brain

So, this morning I had a great idea for a post. But I didn’t write it down, and right now I regret this… because now my brain can’t remember what it was.

Today I haven’t done much, I am participating in the Reading Rush, so I have read 5 books this week, and I am hoping to read more, I still have 3 books left on my TBR, and I am hoping to be able to read all of them, if that is happening I can’t say. So, tomorrow it’s definitely possible to finish 2 books, I have already started one, and I might read some more today of it. And tomorrow I am reading Heartstopper, and since it’s a graphic novel it will take me maybe an hour.

I have to tell you about something I watched yesterday, I found it in my YouTube feed, and let me tell you, it highly upset me. I was like super sad right before I went to bed.
Let me link it here first, and then tell you what it’s about:

This youtuber is talking about equestrians and industries around that. And one of these are big lick. She explains it all good in this video, I’m not going into too much detail because I just get upset talking about it.

Walking horse study once blasted by industry now trumpeted ...

This is a picture of what it looks like. And let me tell you, this is the worst thing I have ever seen. But as normal, those people who in on these sports and support it, they don’t see anything wrong.
Hearing what they do to these horses to get them to lift their legs un-normally high was heart-breaking. And the way the horses move it’s back legs it shows how much pain the horse is in, it is trying to take off as much pain from the front legs as possible.
I can’t talk about it anymore, I just get so upset.

Anyways, that was it for my rant today.

Reading Update

So, I don’t have many ideas. So why don’t I just talk a little about how my reading is going. I actually have read over 100 books so far this year, so I think I will get close to 200 books this year, and that is sick. Now, I do read all kinds of genres, but my favorite is Romance, and romance books are easier read than most.

I have read some shorter books, and when I’m not in the mood to physically read I usually have an audiobook on. I try and read a little all over the board of genres, and different lengths of the books.

I have an idea for a video series I want to do on my channel, I just have a lot going on right now. And in August I have a readathon that I have a large TBR for, so I won’t be able to start it in August. So it looks like I will start in August, I have to see how many I will do, because I have some other books i should get to as well.

I have noticed that I have been slowing down a little on my reading, and I think that it’s because I have been doing a lot of readathons with a lot of prompts, and then I have to keep to the TBR and not mood read a little, because I have to stick to the TBR. So from September I think I need to just relax a little, and if i want to do a readathon of some sorts, be in on it low key.

But, now I am going to my room again. I am writing a story and I want to keep on going. But first, upload my Reading Rush Vlog for day 4.

I so Need Some New Ideas

I find myself sitting here every time I am going to write something, and I just blanks. I never know what I am going to write about, I used to have all these ideas running around in my head, but all of a sudden I just blanks.

This time we are in, are a little strange. I have so much time to think, but I just feel like I sit around and do nothing. Feeling demotivated and just need some ideas.

I don’t have anything to write, I spend all day thinking about this, and when I am going to write, I have nothing. I know there are a lot of things to write about. I have to say that a lot of the things that is online I don’t feel like writing about.

I like to write about my life, the only thing is: I don’t do much. Let’s be honest. I am inside most of the day, reading, or watching tv, or just relaxing and doing nothing.

I will continue to post as frequently as I can, and hope that ideas will come to me eventually.


Here we are for the 100th time apologizing for not writing. It has been some difficult times, for a lot of reasons. And so there are some reasons for my hiatus.

I bough myself a keyboard to my iPad, so I could write blogpost from there when I didn’t feel like turning on my computer, and just a few weeks in it stopped working, and I have no idea why. I have tried charging it but… nothing. There are a few keys that works, but I can’t write full sentences with it anymore. And that sucks!

Then when everything locked down, and things started going online my computer got moved into the living room. Because my computer is the only one with a camera. And now I find it difficult to do everything. Edit videos, write blog posts and everything. I just don’t feel like sitting in my living room doing that, with my headphones on, and people talking to me at the same time.

I am also feeling a little sulky, I have been wanting a new computer. And I know what I want, I just don’t have the money. I am saving, but it goes so slowly. I can notice my computers age, it starts to be slow and I hope it will be able to work for a while longer. I’m not even half way to my new computer.

I have also just had a lot of s*tty days. Being tired to the point where I have done nothing for an entire day. Having headaches. But also, people are always at home, and our house is 70kvm. And for 3 people it is small. It is noisy half of the time, and the house is from the 1970, and it has no isolation in the walls, so you hear everything.

Well, now I am going to sleep. I am super tired, and have migraine coming.

How to: Find genres to like

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If anyone has followed my channel for a little while you know that I love to read books. And I have been breaching into new genres that I earlier never could have dreamed of reading.

I have to be honest, breaching out into different genres can be a little scary sometimes. and to find out if you like that genre or not can take time. The reason is that there are so many different authors to choose from, and all of them have different writing style.

What I will say is: If you have read only one book, I don’t feel like you can say that you don’t like the genre. Try out at least a few different books by different authors. And one genre can have a lot of sub-genres. Try out a few different types of sub-genres, because one book can have one sub-genre that may not be your favorite.

I think that one of the most important thing is: Try out books that sounds interesting to you. That you feel like have an interesting plot and you might like.

I love to try out new genres, and new books. I have so many books on my GoodReads TBR, and I hope that I will be able to read a lot of them when I kind of just get a little break on the large readathons I have joined lately. On my TBR I have mostly romance, because that is my favorite genre, however, even if this is my favorite genre there are still books that have tropes or sub-genres that I don’t like.

To make a little list on what I mean:
1. Find books that has an interesting plot to you.
2. Don’t just try 1 books, try multiple books and authors
3. If one author isn’t for you, try something else (I have a complicated relationships with some authors)
4. Try out different sub-genres, if one sub-genre isn’t for you something else might
5. Reading is supposed to be fun, don’t push yourself. Some genres just isn’t for you

What tips do you have?

The Week That Passed

Another week has passed, and let’s be honest, I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog. I try and get better at it, but it’s not always easy.

Last weeks highlight:
We finally got warmer weather, and that has made me happy.

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Last weeks downturn:
Not feeling well. But also everything that is going on in the States. It is horrible!

Last weeks movie:
Did I watch anything last week? Did I watch Dinosaur? Or was that the week before that?

Last weeks tv show:
So, since I am currently watching Baywatch I felt a little un-motivated and didn’t watch anything.

Last weeks song:
Svag by Victor Leksell. My sister got me hooked. It is a Swedish song, and I have listened to it this whole week.

Last weeks food:
Turkey in Oso Boco. So good!

Last weeks book:
I was in a reading slump, and I didn’t finish anything. Or maybe a non-fiction, but then you have my talk on that somewhere up here.

That was all I had for that week. Short, but I just didn’t do a lot last week.

Welcome June

I cannot believe we are in June already. I fee like time flies by, we are soon half way through 2020, and I feel like the year just started. So, I just thought I would talk a little bit about my plans for June, I try and do this every single month, not that I am super good at it yet, let’s be honest.

This one is always my number one. I again have too many books on my June TBR. I just put on more and more books as I find readthons to join. I have like 5 I want to join this month. I don’t think I will finish all those books, because it is way too many to finish, but you never know. I have a good mix between physical, audiobooks and ebooks.

Nintendo Switch.
So, I just got a mail and on the website it says: Sent. I hope this is true, because the original date I was supposed to get it was July 10. I will be super happy if I get this one like within this week, I will listen to audiobooks and just play.

I say this every single month, don’t I? I will blog more. I feel like i have said this like every single month and I just don’t. But, I hope I will be able to blog more.

I am putting it out here. I am hoping to update my Instagram every single day. And I will update in the end of the month on how it went, or you can check on your own, my Instagram handle is @hanibananiofficial

Get some sun on my body.
Let’s be honest. Living where I live you have to take advantage whenever you have sun. Some summers we will have a few days of sun, and then cloudy days for almost a week or rain before maybe a few days more with sun. I like to be at least a little tan. And it is healthy for you body to get at least a little sun.

I don’t think there is anything else. Let’s be honest, I try not to have too many things to get done. Just because I know that I am a person who not always am motivated to do long lists. If a list gets too long I lose motivation, so I try to keep my lists small and do things when I feel like it.

If there are anything you want me to talk about I am always open to suggestions and I would love to hear it.

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Your Rebel Dreams Review

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I want to say that Your Rebel Dreams is more of a self-discovery that a self-help book.

In Your Rebel Dreams you will get help with what your passion is. This is not only a book to read, you have loads of worksheets in this that will help you discover your passion and purpose in life.

This is the first in a three book series called Rebel Diva.

The book will make you think, and you will have to work hard to find some of the answers for this book, but it is all worth it in the end.

If you don’t have this book physical, inside the book you get a link to get a worksheet you can print out that has the exercises you will do in this book.

In this book you will find your values and your purpose in life.
Your talents and skills in your passion.
The environment that brings out the best in you.
And create a vision for your life in line with your calling.
And so much else.

There was so many good quotes in this book, that will inspire you, and they all fit so well with the chapter they where in.

If you aren’t sure what your passion is yet, this book is for you. Set off some time, for this is not a book that takes a short time. The author would like that you work on this for 8 weeks, and discover your passion and meaning in life.

I would highly recommend this book. And least try it out. See if this is something for you.

A lot of the books I read are under rated books. This book has only 19 ratings on Goodreads, and only 46 ratings on Amazon, so there are not a lot of people who knows about this book.

If you are interested in this book, you can click here (affiliate link)