365 questions for a better you #44

So, another day. I hope to soon get better at blogging. I just need to be a little better sitting down and planning out what I can write about. I also think I need to draft a few posts, just in case there is one day I don’t have any ideas.

Let’s answer something new.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be a successful blogger, and YouTuber. Do what I love. I also hope that I have found someone to be with, but I mean… I don’t stress… but it would be nice.

365 questions for a better you #43

This is a very late post. It is over 9, and I am just watching a few videos before going to bed. But, I thought I would answer the question for the day.

Who do you miss the most in your life?

I think I have to say… well it depends. For like a person who has died, it has to be my grandmother. I loved her so much! But for someone who is alive, that I have lost… it has to be my friend who I talked about, that got married. Years ago we used to be best friends. And I miss that time, where I could tell her everything.

365 questions for a better you #42

So, now it is very late. I have been to a friend house, they have just bought themselves a new house, it is a lot of work… so.

Let’s answer this, so I can not do anything for the rest of the day.

What causes you anxiety?

Well, anything actually. I don’t have trouble with it. It is not a problem, and I doesn’t think I can call it anxiety, but I will call it worrying.

365 questions for a better you #41

Today is one of those days where I am just dead! Don’t feel like getting up. I was like that yesterday as well, and I didn’t even get to edit a video, because I didn’t feel like it. Well, today I will answer something new, so let’s go…

If you could make 1 wish come true, what would it be?

If I could make one wish come true… I think I have to say, that I had a big blog that had a lot of views, and I made money so that I would live of it. That would be great, just get out of the system I am in right now. And travel whenever, wherever.

365 questions for a better you #40

I am just not feeling motivated. I have to sit down every week to think of the posts I am going to write that week…

Let’s answer this…

What’s on your mind right now?

Well, one of the cats we have here at home are so terrified. We are getting a new porch. And that means that her place to get inside is for the moment gone. She is a nervous cat, and all the things that are changing is making her nervous. I can’t wait for everything to get back to ‘normal’, so that she can get a little calmer.

365 questions for a better you #39

Well… I had just forgotten that it was Monday. Have to say that… it is totally normal for me to forget about that. That has become my standard after I stopped working for a while. Now I have absolutely no idea what day it is, I have to check that out every single day.

Today I will answer something new:

Your current role model:

To be honest… I don’t have role models. I have people I find inspirational, but I won’t consider them role models.

365 questions for a better you #38

I had so much fun yesterday. I really need to write a list of all the posts I need to do! There is starting to become som many I should write. Right now I am writing down a list, and whenever I am done with the things I need to write I will cross them off. And whenever I need to do another post I will write it down. I just need to have time to sit down an write them down.

Let’s answer something new today…

Something funny that happened to you recently

So, this is actually something that happened to me yesterday. That is the only thing I can remember. I where at a party yesterday, and the ones I where to have three dogs. 2 dachshund and one mixed breed that is large. The large dog loves to be petted, and I didn’t give him any attention, so he knocked me off my feet with his ass, before he sat down on my toes so I could pet him. He is the funnies, and it was just so funny, and he does so much weird stuff.

365 questions for a better you #37

I’m so tired. I have been out the door like 3 hours and 30 minutes, and I am so tired. And I am going to a party for one of my friends that will move in a few weeks later on today. Have to say… tomorrow will not be a great day… but, let’s see what we will be able to do.

Let’s answer whatever we are answering today…

What’s the career of your dream?

I think I have talked about this multiple times. I have a few dreams actually. I want to like be able to make money of blogging, and do YouTube. But I also want to be an author. I have always loved to write, I have to say that is like one of the goals I want to achieve in this world. Just write whatever I want to write. I still haven’t found my call on genre, I enjoy writing in a lot of genres.

365 questions for a better you #36

I cannot believe we have been doing this for over a month! I don’t know how much you have learned about me, but the more I answer the more you learn, but also, I learn about myself as well, because I get questions I wouldn’t have answered on my own.

What fear is holding you back?

The thing is, I would love to be able to travel. However, if I do travel I won’t get any money, and then I wouldn’t last long. I also have a fear of what will happen next. For example working wise, right now I am not capable of working. However, the thing is… if I don’t get any money I have to work, even if I have the health for it or not.

365 questions for a better you #35

I feel so tired right now. And the mess that are around the house for the moment is just making everyone grumpy, I have to say especially my mom. And when she is doing things, she has to do all the heavy lifting, and doesn’t wait for my dad to get home. And then she gets angry because I don’t help. Even though I am still tired after our trip. And after that she goes yelling all over because the house is so messy, and she don’t want to live her anymore, and that she has a migraine, and all I want to do is go into my room and stay there for the rest of the day.

But let’s just answer the thing today…

What’s stressing you right now?

Well, maybe I should have written the thing I wrote up there ^^ down here instead. Because that is the thing that is stressing me right now. And I have to say, I don’t get all grumpy because there is so messy, because I kind of ignore it and sit down and write thing like this and edit videos, so I don’t need to look at it. But it is the anger that is stressing me. I hate when people is angry, and then I just want to leave.