The Week That Passed 18/2020

I thought I would start up with this again. Talking about the week that passed. This is something I used to do all the time. I like talking about my favorite things.

Hmm… Wednesday. I changed to summer tiers on my car. But also something else happened.

I just have had some off days. A lot of the days this week has been off days. Where I have just been so tired and not feeling like doing anything else.

I didn’t watch a lot of movies last week. However, I did watch the entire Chronicles of Narnia. All three movies. I just love these movies. They was such a huge part of childhood, and I just still love them because of that.

So, I only watched three episodes of Baywatch last week. The last three episodes of season 1. And I will tell you, this first season is such a drag! I will continue on, just because I am curious about how it is. I have just seen the 2 last seasons, never the ones leading up to those.

What’s My Name by China Anne McClain, Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair.
I have been listening to this one so much!

I read a lot of 3 star books last week. However, the one that got 5 stars and I liked the most was Restore Me by Tahareh Mafi.

So, only watching only Narnia and Baywatch I can only have 1 person I like. Or… two, kinda.

These two. Skandar Keynes and Ben Barnes. These two are my favorites.

I have to say. There are not a lot of couples in things I have seen this week. I have to say Shauni and Eddie for this week.

That was the week that passed. I hope you enjoyed. I hope to get more into this as time passes.

How I Stay Creative

I do a lot of different things. And there are things I choose to do to keep my creativity there. I have different things, and I usually find new things that I would like to do. I love being creative, and doing a little every day helps.

I have been talking about this one before. I am doing a challenge, draw one drawing a day for 365 days and see what happens. I have been drawing for 20 days now. I like the challenge, and that makes me come up with new things every day. How good the drawing get, depends on my mood and how long I feel like drawing.

Brush Lettering:
This is something I started now in May. I spend a few minutes every day writing a quote using Brush Lettering. This is to get even better at it. I try out different pens, and see what I like the most. I hope to be able to buy even more brush letter pens.

Bullet Journal:
This is something I got into this year. I try out different things with it every single time. This not only helps me stay creative, but also to stay organized. I hope to be able to do this even better when I get a real hang of it. I like to see how the different themes changes, and how good or bad they get.

Filming videos is also a great way to be creative. You can do what you want to, and make it how you want.

This is something I want to get better at. Taking pictures and see how I can be creative that way. Hopefully this is something I can get into.

I do my best to stay creative. I love being creative. It is a time where I kind of stopped doing things like this, and I can see how much things like this changed. I am also drawing worse than before, but I think with time I will bet better at drawing again.

What I Will Do In The Easter Holiday

So, the holiday is here. And even though most people have had kind of a holiday earlier than normal, it’s holiday now where things are closed and I can relax and do nothing.

Of course I have a few things I want to do.

So, hopefully we will get some days with nice weather (don’t think that will happen though) and we can have a barbecue of some kind.

Tv Shows & Movies:
I hope to be able to watch some tv shows and movies. I hope I feel up for it. It’s not every day I feel like it, and I don’t push myself to to do it if I don’t feel like it.

This is a must. I hope I am able to catch up to my lost reading. There have been some days where I have been slacking, and I hope I will be able to catch up to those days.

Star Stable:
I hope I can use a little time on Star Stable, I don’t usually play it too much, because I get a little bored at times, however, I want to play a little.

Discover Weekly Songs #2

So, here we are again. Another week almost done, and I haven’t been able to actually make a lot of updates. But I am doing the Discover Weekly Songs from Spotify yet again this week, and I am excited to see how many they have gotten right this time. So, letæs just get right into it.

Unconditionally by Beth
It seems to be something I like. I have heard this song before, but I don’t think she is the one singing it. But I love this song! I had to check it out, it’s Katy Perry who originally sings it. But I do love this song!
Playlist added to: Covers

Mitt fjes by Chris Baco:
*Sight* Well, I do listen to a few Norwegian songs, but I am picky about Norwegian songs, and I don’t love this. I don’t think I will listen to this later on.
Playlist added to: None

So Cold by Ben Cocks
So this song apparently comes from The Good Wife. I have never seen this movie before. But this is definitely something I could listen to.
Playlist added to: Do you wanna build a snowman

I Don’t Give a F*ck by Vanessa Gentry
Well, this is not my favorite song. And it is not a song I listen to, so I think I have to say skip.
Playlist added to: None

Simples e Romântico by Nicolas Germano
Why do they think I absolutely love so many songs that aren’t English. I don’t understand a lot of it, and I need to be captured instantly. I like the vibe of it, but I don’t think I will listen to it.
Playlist added to: None

Will You Marry Me by Once Jameson
Well, I love this song. But it’s not a song I listen to it a lot. But this is definitely a good cover of it.
Playlist added to: Cover

Emergency by Jay Sean:
I don’t know. It’s not something I will like to listen to way too much. But it’s not bad.
Playlist added to: Liked Songs

I Keep Dancing on My Own by DJ Drive:
Why do I get like half of them as a cover? I don’t listen to so many cover songs, so I don’t know why I get so many cover songs.
Playlist added to: None

All I want by Daniel Skye, Cameron Dallas
Well. I don’t think so. Is he in like this new Magcon thingy? I don’t know, I only cared about the earlier days. But, well. This song isn’t terrible, but I don’t think I will listen to it more than this time.
Playlist added to: None

All I want by Emma Bale
Didn’t I just listen to a song with this same name? This is much slower though. Something I might like. Yeah, I think I like it.
Playlist added to: Do you wanna build a snowman

If I Die Young by Jennifer Ewbank
Another cover song. This is not a favorite song, I can listen to the original, but definitely not a song I listen to a lot.
Playlist added to: None

All of Me by Kendre
Can I pull my hair out now? I have mostly cover songs on here this time. And they aren’t even cover songs of songs I love.
Playlist added to: None

Demons by Nicole Andersson
Well, take one guess. Another cover song. I like this song. But it’s not something I listen to a lot.
Playlist added to: None

Elastic Heart by Colin & Caroline
-_- Another cover song of a song I don’t listen to a lot.
Playlist added to: None

In Another Life by Jason Walker
It’s not bad. But I don’t know how much I will listen to it. But, yeah.
Playlist added to: Liked songs

Find My Way Back by Eric Arjes
I have to say, it’s good to do this at a time where I’m kind of not feeling like it. Because then I know what I feel about songs, and don’t add songs I know I won’t like. But this song is ok. Not something I will listen to over and over again, but.
Playlist added to: Liked songs

F*uck You by Robin og Bugge
-_- NO!
Playlist added no: None

In My Mind by The Mayries
Is this another cover song? Yes, it is.
Playlist added to: None

Achtbaan by Frenna and Philly Moré
I don’t think so.
Playlist added to: None

Here Comes Goodbye by Chris Sligh
This is one of my favorite Rascal Flatts songs. And it’s hard to beat.
Playlist added to: None

Man In The Mirror by Keke Palmer
Cover again. And I don’t listen to this song a lot either.
Playlist added to: None

Egoist by Lina
Ok, I didn’t expect that. But no, I don’t think so.
Playlist added to: None

I’ll Be Fine Somehow by Benjamin Ingrosso
Well, has anyone heard me talk about Wahlgrens Verden? I like him. I like his songs, so obviously I will listen to this more.
Playlist added to: Do you wanna build a snowman

Utan dina andetag by Ida-Lova
Playlist added to: None

Dove Sei? by Alfa, Yanomi
Playlist added to: None

When she cries by Britt Nicole
I like this one. It’s sad, but I do have a lot of sad songs on my playlist.
Playlist added to: Do you wanna build a snowman

Never Enough by Jessica Lowndes
This is one of my favorite songs from The Greatest Showman. I love it. I like this cover.
Playlist added to: Cover

Trofé by Ben Mitkus
Well, do they think I love Swedish songs too?
Playlist added to: None

Truth or Dare by Emily Osment
I like a few of her songs. But I haven’t explored her songs a lot. But this is something I can listen to.
Playlist added to: Liked songs

Loyal to Me by Nina Nesbitt
Yes! I like this vibe. Not because of the cheating, that is not a trope I like, but songs like that are usually catchy.
Playlist added to: Do you wanna build a snowman


Well, less than 50%, I don’t know if it’s just that I am really difficult today, or it they just didn’t hit the mark this week. We’ll have to see next week. Probably next Sunday.

But now I am off to plan out what I am going to be posting this week of things.

5 facts about me

Diets: I don’t go on any diets. I love food to much to try out any diets. I try to eat healthy and normal potions. I don’t limit things I eat, however… I try to like not eat too much meat, and too much dairy. But I don’t feel like limiting myself, and some of the things we get from those things can be good for you.

Licorice: I have a hate-love relationship with licorice. I usually don’t like the sweet licorice, this also makes my stomach bad. But I love salty licorice, it is so good! I can eat everything by myself when I buy that!

Norwegian/English: My biggest problem, is that I write books in English, I blog in English, I have two YouTube channels in English, and I watch mainly English tv shows and movies. So when it comes to the time where I need to speak Norwegian, I forget some of the words in Norwegian, so that is a struggle.

Didn’t read: When I was younger I hated to read. I didn’t read anything, even though I was a very fast reader to the amount of time I spent reading. I even forged my mothers handwriting every day on the slip she had to sign that I had been reading for 30 minutes every day. That was how little I liked to read. But then The Hunger Games movies came out, and my sister bought the books, and I read them. When I started the last book I was sick that day, and I spent that entire day reading. That was the changing point for me.

Always in the blog world: When I am different places, I am always thinking that i can write about my blog about this. It helps a lot that I am vlogging things. That makes things much easier to get a photo from, then I can only take a screen shot from it.

Listening to music and my thoughts on then #1

So, I though I would do this as a series. I have a long playlist on Spotify with way to many songs on it. So I thought I would hit shuffle, and then talk about the music and the songs I am hearing. Let’s take like 10 songs each time, and talk about them.

Tim McGraw – My Little Girl: I love this song! The movie Flicka used to me one of my favorites, and at that time I fell in love with this song. It is such an emotional song for me, because I love my dad. And in my wedding this definitely could be like a song for a father daughter dance, because it is like the father is talking to how much he loves his daughter. I think I will forever love this song! And forever be able to know the whole lyrics.

DJ Snake and Lil John – Turn Down For What: This is like a dance song that we used to dance to. And also one of the songs I would listen to when I had my ‘råner’ phase. Where you had a large bass in the back of the car, driving around playing music with bass. It is not a bad song, but it is not a song I kind of listen to anymore. I have not been in that phase for a while, but I think it is fun sometimes to sit in a car, being that way again.

Martina Stoessel – Habla Si Puedes: This is from my Violetta phase. I remember when it went on the television, and I watched it. I never watched the third season, and now I kind of want to watch it. But there is nowhere to see it in Spanish with text. But I have to say, it is one of the prettier songs from Violetta, and this is something I definitely could listen to know. She has such a pretty voice!

Jon Bellion and Stormzy – All Time Low: This is kind of a cool song. However, it was kind of in my ‘råner’ phase. I have to say… I kind of miss where I drove around town with my totally ugly Opel, and playing bass music. This is not a long I listen to a lot, but I would play it in a car if I had a bass. Now I am like, if I had a cool like American Muscle car, I would definitely do this again.

Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up: I remember loving this song. I used to sing it all the time. I think my friends got tired of it. It is a very catchy song, and I used to like headbang to this song, with the long hair I used to have before. I hope I will once be able to have longer hair than I had then, and just to that again, one last time. Even though it is ages since I listened to this song, I still remember the text.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games: Remember the time everyone used to listen to this song? I do to. I loved this song! This was one of the songs I listened to when I was very sick, just feeling off. When I feel sad, I can still go back to like songs like this. Calm, a little sad songs. This is a song I can listen to till this day. For me this is not a bad song, I still very much enjoy Lana.

Astrid S – Think Before I Talk: This is such a true song. We are not perfect, and the thing we should do is think before we talk. I enjoy this song. It is not something that I have on my daily playlist, but I wouldn’t like skip it if it got up in the car. I love her voice, and I think it is cool that a Norwegian musician has this far. And actually making decent music.

Maroon 5 – One More Night: I love this! It is actually something I still like till this day. I can actually catch myself singing this after listening to it. I feel like it is kind of true to. Maybe not to me, personally. I am definitely feeling like jamming a long right now, but it would kind of be weird since I have my headphones on and my parents are in the house.

Cascada – Miracle (Nightcore Edition): Well, I had this obsession with Nightcore Edition in my ‘råner’ phase. Since they have good bass. And I mean, that was my requirement. I know now, that I much more enjoy the original version, that are much calmer, and not so much aggressive. Well, now I know that listening to music like this… kind of makes you an aggressive driver. And I have to say, after I stopped listening to music like this, I became a much more safe driver.

The Vamps – Halleluja: Well, my obsession with the Vamps was a lot of years ago. I don’t actually listen to them a lot anymore. They are definitely not bad, and this is definitely something I could listen to now. They are calm and much nicer than the music I listened to, that was all bass and like DJ Billy-E that got the whole car to shake. I’m definitely calmed down. Don’t get me wrong, I can still listen to bass music and just drive around with that, however… that is not very often. I find this music much more pleasant to listen to.

That was 10 songs. This was so much fun! I had so much fun going through this list. And this is something I definitely will do more times. Just for fun, and being able to listen to different music, that some of these I actually would have skipped if I didn’t do this!

7 things I want to get better at

Routine – I want to be able to have a routine everyday. So I am able to do the things I should do. Like get up and go to bed at the same time everyday. Blog everyday, but have some pictures to have in my posts everyday.

Water – I want to drink more water. I want to start the day by drinking one glass of water. And drink at least 2 liters everyday, because it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters everyday.

Reading – Lately, I have not been great at reading. I want to read a little bit everyday. I mean from next year I am starting something fun, so I hope that will motivate me to read more.

Fruit – I love fruit. But I don’t eat it a lot, but I want to get better at eating it. I want to eat more fruit. And I mean, it is a really good way of getting rid of craving for candy. Because when I want candy, it is usually because I am hungry.

Photos – I want to get better at taking photos. Taking with the camera when I go somewhere. And take pictures that I like.

Blogging – I want to get better at blogging. Blog about something everyday, that is actually fun to read.

BookTube – I have my own booktube channel, and I love it. I want to be better at content. I want it to grow. And I mean if my booktube channel goes well, and I feel like I have it under control, who knows what else I could do.

5 things that irritates me

I am a person who fast gets irritated by other people. Here are a few things that irritates me.

  1. Slow drivers. And I will say, fine, when the roads are icy it is totally fine to drive at a speed you are comfortable with so you stay one the road.
  2. People who smoke places where they aren’t supposed to. If people want to smoke and ruin their body, it is their choice. But that doesn’t mean I want to smell it. I can’t stand the smell of smoking, it makes me want to puke. And I know a lot of people who gets sick of the smell.
  3. People who think they know everything, and they don’t have the guts to tell that they may have been wrong. They just need to stretch it so long that you just don’t feel like arguing, because they just don’t back down.
  4. People who talk really loud, and laugh to loud on public transport. I mean, no problem that you want to talk on the train og bus or whatever. But that doesn’t mean that I want to hear the conversation.
  5. When people can’t put themselves in others shoes. It is like they think everyone is alike, and they can’t try to think how the other person feels or think.

6 things you are allowed to do when you are chronically ill

Stay in your pajamas all day

You know, why waste energy on putting on clothes and thinking about what to wear. Also, why waste being uncomfortable. If you have a really bad day, and the only thing you know you are going to do that day is stay in bed or on the couch all day, why dress up. Why don’t you just stay in comfortable clothes. I love to stay in pajamas, and if I know I’m not doing anything that day, I will stay in my pajamas all day.

Take the elevator instead of the stairs

Just thinking about the stairs is making you tired. And you know that climbing those stairs will be the only thing you can do that day, if you try. You are allowed to take the elevator, people who know you will know why. Don’t use up all your good energy on the stairs, if you don’t feel like it, then don’t do it.

Cancel plans

When you are chronically ill you never know the day. One day you might be all right, and the next… not so much. Your real friends will understand if you have to cancel plans, they will know that most likely you are feeling so ill that you can’t go anywhere. Maybe you can’t even get out of bed. If you know you have a bad day, you shouldn’t push yourself. It is better to cancel those plans, and make up for it later, when you are feeling better.

Have a spa day

I mean, you don’t have to go to an actual spa if you don’t have the money for it. But, if you have a bathtub, fill it up with warm water, use a bath-bomb with some relaxing fragrance. Take a face-mask at the same time. Put on music or your favorite TV Show, and just relax. Just take your time, and relax some. You might feel a little better.

Have fun

It is nothing wrong with having fun. Everyone should have fun. Hang out with friends, or do things you consider fun. Even if you are chronically ill you still have maybe that one day where you are feeling all right, so why not use it to something fun, instead of putting on Netflix. Call a friend, see if they have time to meet up with you on the time of the day where you are feeling the best. I know that some might feel better in the mornings and some at the evenings. Find the best time for you.

Cut negativity and stress out of your life

This just makes you tired, and makes you feel bad. Negativity is not good, surround yourself with positive people, and positivism. Also, all that stress, cut it out. I know it is not easy, some days I might stress, before a meeting, before a doctors appointment, and other things where I will get answers to something. I try to cut it out, try not to overthink, try and relax and use my energy for me.

The week that passed #1

To be honest, I feel like weeks just fly by. I mean I do the things I want, and I love that for the moment. And I wish I could do that forever. But lets talk about last week.

This weeks highlight:

Every single time I think about this, I feel like I never can give a good enough answer, when I haven’t kind of done anything. Maybe it has to be making this blog.

This weeks downturn:

I have had a bad ME week. I don’t think I have had a good day at all this week.

This weeks movie:

I have watched 1 movie this last week. And that was 2 Fast 2 Furious. I love that movie.

Bilderesultat for 2 fast 2 furious

This weeks tv show:

People are going to hate me for this! This last weeks tv show pick was Orange is the New Black. I will say, it might get better. I have no idea why, but I just didn’t feel like I could connect with it. It might just have been my mood for that week. I only watched 4 episodes, so it might get better.

Bilderesultat for orange is the new black

This weeks song:

I think I have to say El Pérdon by Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam. I really enjoy that song.

This weeks food:

We had a pasta dish, and I love pasta. But I don’t have a picture of it. I hope that I eventually will be able to have one day a week where I cook a meal, so I can give you some recipes.

This weeks book:

I only finished one book this week. And I gave it 3 stars. It definitely wasn’t the best I have read. It was called Her Defiant Heart.

Bilderesultat for her defiant heart monica murphy

I got this book off NetGalley. I love that I can get free books to review on there, but it is definitely not always they hit the mark. I have read 3 books from NetGalley, and so far no one has been 5 stars. I have had 2 that I gave 4 stars tho.

This weeks celebrity:

Since I watched 2 Fast 2 Furious I have to say Paul Walker. It is so sad that he is dead. I have not watched him in a lot of movies, but I definitely had liked him in the once I have seen.

Bilderesultat for paul walker

This weeks couple:

This week I have actually not a couple I have enjoyed. In 2 Fast 2 Furious, there isn’t actually someone who are together that I like. And I don’t like Piper and Larry together in Orange is the New Black.